Chornomorski  Botanical  Journal





Science journal founded in 2005. 

Founder: Kherson State University (Ukraine). 

Certificate of registration of printed media: КВ № 23949-13789ПР, issued 26/04/2019. 

Index of International registration: ISSN 1990-553X (print); ISSN 2308-9628 (on-line). 

"Chornomorski Botanical  Journal" is included to the List of academic editions of Ukraine, where the results of dissertations for a doctor's degree and Ph.D. are published (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 17.03.2020 р. № 409). 

Field of knowledge: 091 Biology. 

Periodicity: 4 times a year. 

Languages of publication: Ukrainian,  English. 

Review. All articles undergo external scientific review. Reviewers are experienced professionals from all sections of botany and ecology, mostly doctors, professors of scientific institutions and universities of Ukraine. The article is recommended by one of the editorial board members.

Bibliography. Each article contains bibliography in Latin.

Abstract. Each article contains a summary in English and Ukrainian.

The authors of the articles. Articles are accompanied by information about authors’ places of work, their postal addresses and email addresses.

Digital identifier: Each article is assigned a digital DOI.

Key dates: Each article specifies the date the paper was accepted for publication and publication.


"Chornomorski Botanical Journal" contains material on all aspects of botany, mycology and lichenology, phytoecology, geobotany, plant geography, history of flora and vegetation, flora evolution, phylogeny of plants, fungi and lichens, resource studying, plant introduction, methods of botanical research, the history of plant science, protected areas, protection of flora, general sozology.

Articles' review. Articles that highlight the theoretical and practical aspects, the results of experimental studies, articles with lists of species of plants, fungi and lichens, tables with geobotanical descriptions are accepted to the journal for printing.

Articles and reports about the researchers' results and materials concerning academic life are published in the appropriate sections.

Tables and figures (color or black and white) are titled in Ukrainian and English.


 Web-site of "Chornomorski Botanical  Journal" on Electronic Archive of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine: www.nbuv.gov.ua.

Web-page of Kherson State University: www.university.kherson.ua.

These sites contain in open access electronic versions of all articles in pdf format, published since 2005.