Rules to the articles to

„Chernomorski Botanical journal“


Professional edition "Chornomorski Botanical Journal" publishes material on all aspects of botany, mycology and lichenology, fitoecology, geobotany, plant geography, history, flora and vegetation, the evolution of flora, flora protection, protected areas, resources studying, introductions, methods of botanical researches, history of botanical science. Articles and reports about the results of research, as well as materials about academic life’s events are published in the appropriate sections, which are determined in the process of journal’s layout.

Articles of the review, analytical, experimental and research nature, botanical reports, mycological, lihenological discoveries, annotated lists of species of plants, fungi and lichens, detailed tables of geobotanical descriptions are accepted for printing.


General requirements


Articles are published in Ukrainian; in English and Russian – after the agreement with editorial board. Volume of articles is up to 20 full pages (more than 20 pages – in agreement with the Editorial board), other (short reports, chronicle of scientific life, anniversaries, conferences’ resolution, etc.) – up to 5 full pages.

The paper should consist of the following blocks arranged sequentially: title, author's name, abstract (annotation that contains 600-1000 signs), main text, references, and author’s address.

The electronic version of the article should be typed on a computer in a text editor MsWord 2003-2007, compatible with the operating system WindowsXP, on a sheet of A4 (standard) font Times New Roman, line spacing 1.0 (standard), without hyphenation. Pages boundaries: 30 mm left, right and bottom – 20 mm, top – 25 mm.


Kindly ask authors to adhere specified parameters of pages while formatting text


Article’s material


The article must include the following parts:

  • Abstract. Contains specific examples of researches (600-1000 signs for each).
  • Introduction. In this section scientific problems are formulated which are determined by its relevance, key publications and studies are discussed here (optional links to publications on the corresponding subject, which were published in the past 10 years), current views on the issue, the problems of development of the issue, unresolved issues within the problem are also highlighted then the aim of the article (study) is formulated, which differs from the basic views on the issue, or supplements and /or enhances already known approaches. Special attention should be paid by the authors to the introduction to the science of new facts, conclusions, recommendations and patterns, or clarification of the previously known but insufficiently studied data;
  • Research Methods (or Materials and methods). The methods by which the evidence was obtained, especially their treatment and the analyzes are explained here;
  • Results and discussion (if necessary, it can be separated in two parts). The actual content of the study, its basic position and results, personal ideas, thoughts, obtained scientific findings, patterns and so on., i.e. the contribution of the author in achievements and implementation of the main conclusions;
  • Conclusions. The conclusions on the meaning and importance of published materials for the theory and practice, their social meaning are stated briefly, future prospects for the development of this area are also outlined here.
  • References where the works are placed in alphabetical order (first Latin, then [in square brackets] Cyrillic) - see. Rules of transliteration.



Submission of article


Address of  Journal’s Editorial board:

Editors' of “Chornomorski Botanical Journal”

Kherson State University

27, 40 Rokiv Zhovtnya Str.




Materials submitted  to the Editorial Board include:

a) one copy of the article, signed by all authors;

b) an electronic version of the article: E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

or CD with the article attached to a letter (printed materials and disks will not be returned to the authors). Text file – format *doc or *rtf, file name examples: Melnyk2006.doc, Boychenko2002.rtf.

c) a certified extract from the chair session about the recommendation to publishing;

d) a review of supervisor (for separate papers of aspirants);

e) page containing information about the authors: full name and surname, position, scientific degree, academic rank, honors, address for correspondence (+zip code), telephone number, fax (if available) and current contact e-mail.

All manuscripts are considered by journal’s editorial board, undergo internal and external peer review, redaction and after they could be approved for publication or rejected.


Articles that do not meet these requirements are not registered and could not be accepted. The authors are totaly responsible for the content of material submitted for publication.

Materials will not be returned to the author.